Ladies for ladies

We are two women – Lenka and Nasťa, the founders of the project, who want to pass on to all women what we have long been looking for – ourselves. We both went through different life situations, both happy and less fortunate, and for the less fortunate were looking for ways to get out of it. We want to share our experience with you. Join us!

Books, courses, coaches or seminars – all this cost a lot of money, time, and effort. Something worked better, something not at all. Not everything suited us. Women have specific needs. They are not only interested in career or money. And we wanted something practical that would guide us comprehensively.

We liked the most system of writing personal goals and wishes, in the most important life spheres that fulfil us: health, fun, personal growth, relationships, money, career. Therefore we created a simple printed guide that will be available soon.

We would like to transform our experience into digital form so that it is always available to us – not only on the Internet, but also on the mobile.

Ladies supporters

Many celebrities support the project of personal development of women.

Among the first is Miss World 2006 Taťána Gregor Brzobohatá.

Taťána Gregor Brzobohatá at the Equal Pay Day 2018 conference

Ladies mentors

Our platform wants to provide women with everything they need for their personal development in digital form, but at the same time we perceive the importance of personal contact and the possibility of further development in collaboration with certified mentors and coaches.

Within our network, we have many women, but also the men, who will be available on our platform, here we select some who you can meet at Equal Pay Day.

Lenka Jiráčková

I’m a mentor and a lecturer. I enjoy passing on my life experiences, motivating women and influencing their lives positively.

Tel: +420 737 181 281

Lenka Mrázová

I’m a mentor, lecturer, coach, sometimes a blogger, networker. In short, I am a brave, optimistic, action-filled woman who likes to learn, has a lot of ideas, finds new solutions and paths, inspires and connects good people with good thoughts, cultivates long-term relationships and likes great mental challenges.

I break down the barriers and blocks in people’s minds, activate their resources, taste, energy and courage to tackle difficult work and personal situations.

LMentio | Lenka Mrázová


Lenka Palatová

I’m a corporate advisor, mentor, mental and emotional coach, and author of a book, which is a tool of grounding and life-meaning training according to R. Steiner. I offer services for companies, teams and individuals, project management and change management.

Holistic approach, holistic work concept:

  • for individuals = Living in health
  • for companies = Fair companies

For Change | Lenka Palatová


Kristýna Stoklásková

I’m an expert in the world of assistants. I deal with the recruitment of assistants and women in the administration and I have my database of great women waiting for the dream job. At the same time, I will help you with writing a CV, preparing for an interview and everything about your career. Since 2014 I have been a Certified Coach (ICF).

Boss’ s World | Kristýna Stoklásková
Telefon: +420 603 172 577
Web: a


Mgr. Dana Vítův

I’m a selfness leader and founder of the Selfness Institute and SI Friends Club. Also a teacher and mentor of personal development, EFT & therapist & energy psychology, and author of books and online self-confidence programs. I teach people how to work with fear and how to gain more confidence and self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love in all areas of life.

Selfness Institut a Klub přátel SI | Mgr. Dana Vítův
Telefon: +420 702 961 227

Youtube: Dana Vítův
Facebook: Dana Vítův, Selfness Institut
Instagram: Dana Vítův


Ladies for Business

Just as we believe that a happy woman will be a better mother, wife, we are convinced that she will be a better colleague, employee, manager, businesswomen as well. Therefore, we offer our method to companies for their employees, managers. As part of a 1-2 day workshop, we will introduce women to the organization with personal development methodology, pass on materials and recommendations, and guide them through the first steps of their individual plan.

Please contact us at: for the offer of company packages.

We will be happy if companies support our project with a contribution, either to our transparent account: 2701601270/2010, or to the Hithit campaign.

Ladies organizations

We are pleased that our project is also supported by Business and Professional Women of the Czech Republic, which brings together active women in order to support and develop their personality, full implementation in fulfilling their professional, personal and social roles. The organization is part of the BPW International network operating in 95 countries worldwide. The association supports the development of friendship, mutual support and cooperation among women around the world. The organization was founded in 2010 by Lenka Šťastná with a vision that when women connect, they can do incredible things.

The Vodafone Foundation Laboratory, which is co-financed from the Operational Program Employment, supported the project in its social startup program. The Vodafone Foundation has long supported women’s business and their projects.