Ladies’ wishes

The concept of personal development of women was verified at last and this year’s Equal Pay Day conference – the wishlist tree grew by 180 women’s wishes in just one day – for some it was the first time that they wanted it – as a first step towards its fulfilment – some of which are presented here for inspiration.


  • Feel the man’s love again!
  • Big M guy, just for me !!!
  • Find a great partner and father of your children
  • I am a great partner, full of female energy
  • I want a younger lover 🙂


  • I wish I had a healthy baby soon
  • Make time for yoga, find harmony and love for everyone!
  • I want to lose weight finally
  • Eat and not get fat
  • A long sleep


  • I wish to be a great director and even better mother 🙂
  • I wish to become independent – no longer work for the corporation!
  • I want work without backstage games!
  • I have an independent business. All departments generate huge profits and I have plenty of time to realize my dreams
  • Learn English (with smile :-))


  • Start finally driving the car with joy and taste
  • I wish I had a holiday every quarter 🙂
  • Live by the sea with family
  • Amazing holiday on the island
  • The main role in the US film


  • I want to find my way, my value and my courage to stand up for myself!
  • Find a balance between my needs, family and work
  • Have good karma 🙂
  • I’d like to manage a job and a family while still smiling
  • I wish to live and love, to be loved and respected
  • I wish to live my life to the fullest and not to regret anything
  • Find more keys to fulfil my dreams
  • Health, happiness and inner peace
  • Go for my vision. Create it!